Remember Me
1.Only post things you own.

2. If you enter any of our contest and win you can not delete the videos you used to win with. YIBSTER uses the videos as promotional tools and if the videos are deleted we will retract our contest prize.

3. Must be 18 to participate in any contest.

4.No duplicate videos or using the same scene or song over and over

5.A winner must claim there prize within 48 hours of the winner being announced.

6. All winners must reveal there true idenity before any prize can be collected on.

7.Yibster the the right to not give a prize to a winner if we deem fraudulent activities I.e users posting fake videos trying to claim the prize.

8.All prizes winning contestants must make a video informing others of there winnings and keep the winning video posted on there Yibster profile and the social media site where we are hosting the contest (if it's on a social media page other then yibster it must remain on the page for a period of at least 90 days)